Elisa Erruz  Cinematography

Hello! I am Elisa Erruz.

I graduated in cinema from ESCAC and I am specialized in direction of photography and color grading. My passion for photography and color has led me to work in different fields, especially in short films and advertising. I am currently looking for projects that help me grow and develop as a DOP and colourist, aunque también en espacios dónde pueda aportar mi experiencia en el departamento de the camera department as a focus puller and 2nd camera assistant. 

At the same time, I am developing my own production company, La Chica del Limón Salva al Gato, focused on film and advertising projects, with Gerard López.

I also dedicate my work to the still photography and editing, which has allowed me to develop my own personal style. 

During all these years, I have been moved by curiosity and observation in order to slowly discover my own vision through photography, what I like, what works for me, what makes me feel comfortable in each of the projects that I have done. I find myself in constant rediscovery.

When I take on a project I need to understand it and find something that connects me to it. For me, this is essential to motivate myself and to see things in a better way. I get very involved in the projects and I am passionate about the idea of being able to create visually, that the images take on a meaning and to be able to uncover and bring out emotions in them.