Elisa Erruz


Hello! I am Elisa Erruz.

I have a degree in cinema from ESCAC and specialised in Cinematography and Colour grading. My passion for photography and colour has led me to work in different fields. I am currently looking for projects that help me grow and develop as a DOP and Colourist, but also in spaces where I can contribute with my experience in the camera department as a focus puller and 2nd camera assistant. 

Moreover, I also dedicate my work to still photography and editing, which has allowed me to develop my own personal style. 

During all these years, I have been moved by curiosity and observation in order to slowly discover my own vision through photography, what I like, what works for me, what makes me feel comfortable in each of the projects that I have done. I find myself in constant rediscovery.

When I face a project I have the need to understand it and to find something that connects me with it. This, for me, is essential to be able to motivate myself and see things more clearly. I am a thoughtful person and a perfectionist, with a lot of desire and energy to learn. I get very involved in projects. I am passionate about being able to create visually, making images acquire meaning, and being able to uncover emotions in them.