Elisa Erruz  Cinematography

Cameras Sony A7 II

Zeiss lenses

Cinta es Amor. Live sessions, 20'. 2021

Recording of the four tracks of the new EP: Cinta vol.1 by the composer Violeta Tello Grau. 

Directed by Elisa Erruz

Production company: Dog From Hell Records

Direction of photography and post-production: Elisa Erruz


  • Violeta Tello Grau: voices and microkorg
  • Víctor Valiente: Ableton, Op.1 and Wurlitzer
  • Marc Clos: SPD and Vibraphone midi
  • Roger Margarit: Moog and Virus

The project was their debut in the Zumzeig cinema in Barcelona. And it was selected for the BIME CITY festival in Bilbao.